A bride and her best friend embrace while shopping for a wedding dress


Think you've found the right friend or family member to officiate your wedding ceremony?

Take this quiz to decide if they're the perfect officiant for your ceremony... or if you should keep looking. Each simple question is based on the characteristics and skills needed to be an exceptional wedding officiant. 

Answer YES, NO, or MAYBE to decide if your friend or relative is the best choice for the role!

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1. They understand my sense of humor, and my partner’s sense of humor. 


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2. They share my core values and worldview, or my partner’s values and views.

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3. They’re comfortable around both me and my partner. 

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4. They’re able to adjust to sudden changes in plans and can think quickly on their feet. 

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5.  They know how to dress appropriately for an event (or will take style suggestions). 

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6. They’re available the day of the wedding. 

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7. They get along with most of our other friends and relatives, or are generally welcoming when meeting new people.

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8.  They know when to make a joke, and when to be reserved. 

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9. They’re good at putting stories and feelings into words. 

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10. They’re good at speaking in front of a group of people, even if they haven’t met them before. 

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11. They appreciate other people’s personal values and spiritual beliefs, and don’t mind differences in opinion. 

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12.  They would be excited and available to rehearse the wedding script with us. 

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13. They’re reliable and can be trusted to complete the necessary paperwork on time. 

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14. They’re good at showing up to events on time.

15 / 15

15. They’re calm under pressure.